If you are to ever sustain an injury of any magnitude to your eyes, it is critical that you contact your eye doctor as soon as possible and receive proper treatment.  However, your immediate response to an injury can be crucial to the recovery process.  The following are some basic guidelines to use in between the time you receive an eye injury and arriving at your eye doctor’s office.

Chemicals in the Eye:

  • Immediately flush the eyes out with water for 15 minutes
  • Use a faucet, garden hose or pour water on the eyes from a container
  • Do not try to neutralize the chemical with any other substance
  • Do not bandage the eyes
  • Seek immediate attention from your eye doctor

Particles in the Eye:

  • Do not rub eyes
  • Use artificial tears or try to let natural tears wash out the particles
  • If unable to remove the particle, keep the eyes closed, bandage the eye and seek care from your eye doctor

Blows to the Eye:

  • Gently apply cold compress on the eye
  • For severe pain or loss of vision, seek care from your eye doctor

Cuts and Punctures of the Eye/Eyelid:

  • Do not wash out the eyes
  • Do not remove any items stuck in the eyes
  • Cover the eye with a rigid shield
  • Seek immediate care from your eye doctor