What are Spots and Floaters?

Spots and floaters are small specks or particles within the vitreous of the eye. They generally move as you move your eyes.

What are the Symptoms of Spots and Floaters?
They may appear in various shapes and sizes, threadlike strands or cobwebs.

How Common are Spots and Floaters?
Spots and floaters are very common and are mostly harmless. Spots can sometimes be an indication of certain eye diseases. If you are unsure, it is a good idea to have your eye doctor examine your eyes to be sure the spots you see are not related to a more serious problem.

What Causes Spots and Floaters?
Generally, spots and floaters are caused by clumps of protein or other material trapped in the vitreous of your eye at birth. Spots and floaters can also form as a result of deterioration of the vitreous from age or injury.